Family Relationship DNA Analyses

The Center for Human Genetics und Laboratory Diagnostics conducts reliable family relationship DNA analyses such as paternity tests and twin analyses.

The analyses are conducted and evaluated entirely by qualified personnel. The methods and equipment used are state of the art.

The Center for Human Genetics und Laboratory Diagnostics participates regularly and successfully in external quality assessments (EQA) of the German Association for Parentage Investigation (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Abstammungsbegutachtung, DGAB), to document the high quality of analyses. Further information regarding the quality of our services can be found here.

Material from which the hereditary material (DNA) can be isolated is required for the analysis. Blood samples and buccal swabs from those concerned are used for this purpose.

The result is available within 10-14 working days of receipt of both samples and complete documentation. The reliability of the result is typically over 99.99%.

Trust our many years of experience.