Twins are very Special

When somebody meets a pair of twins, perhaps the question most frequently asked out of curiosity is “Are you actually identical or fraternal twins?”

Could you answer this question with certainty?

We can assist you in answering this question, and to clarify whether you or your children are identical or fraternal twins. Our twin analysis is based on the proven microsatellite analysis, which is also used for paternity tests.

Identical twins are genetically identical. They are always the same sex and have the same genetic fingerprint. Identical twins develop when a single fertilized egg (ovum) divides early in pregnancy to allow two embryos to grow.

Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are from a genetic respect “normal siblings”. They show significant differences and can be the same or different sex. Fraternal twins develop when two eggs (ova) mature at the same time and are independently fertilized by sperm.